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-16+ Hours of Recorded Video Lessons -Assignments -Interactive quizzes -Self-Paced Learning -Completion Certificate

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Digital marketing is the undeniable future and we make it yours through this state of the art, result driven, purpose built digital marketing course. This course will build your digital marketing skills from the scratch to the professional level, from learning the essential concepts to applying result oriented marketing strategies. This digital marketing training is not just about running the ads on different platforms but it’s a result driven science and if learnt and implemented efficiently, plays a key role in generating the sustainable sales

  • 1- Intro to digital marketing.mp4.mp4 1hr 29min
  • 2-Right marketing strategy.mp4 1hr 10min
  • 3-Pay per click.mp4 1hr 17min
  • 4-Google ads.mp4 1hr 40min
  • 5. SEO.mp4 1hr 23min
  • 6-Engaging content.mp4 1hr 21min
  • 7- SMM-Facebook.mp4.mp4 1hr 15min
  • 9- SMM- Instagram.mp4.mp4 1hr 6min
  • 10. WHAT IS REMARKETING.mp4 58min 58sec
  • 11.AFFILIATE MARKETING.mp4 1hr 9min
  • 12. Mobile Apps For Digital Marketing.mp4 1hr 10min
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Asif Raza

Founder, Raza Business School

Foreign qualified Business management professional and an ecommerce entrepreneur.


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-16+ Hours of Recorded Video Lessons -Assignments -Interactive quizzes -Self-Paced Learning -Completion Certificate

Mr. Asif Raza is a foreign qualified Business management professional and ecommerce entrepreneur. He holds ten (10) years of multi-dimensional experience of teaching at university level and working in multinational companies like TFL (UK) & Pizza hut etc. Due to his hands on experience of ecommerce industry & digital marketing since years, he has also helped many ecommerce business to build & grow by providing consultancy services. With his strong communication, winning entrepreneurial skills & vast experience of ecommerce industry, he is the best choice to mentor students in their journey of building future & shaping lives. Visit our affiliate website for online shopping.

-Digital Marketing Training Process -Series of steps to build your successful digital marketing strategy -How to think Marketer’s way -How to identify and reach to the ideal customer -How to set your digital marketing objectives -Competitor analysis -Pay Per Click Marketing -Creating Google Ads -How to increase sales with the lowest CPC -Google Bidding System -How to write Ad copies that actually convert engagements into sales -Affiliate Marketing Strategies -Digital Marketing Apps -How to find the best keywords with the minimum competition and higher search volumes -Search Engine optimization -Strategies and steps for SEO -Social Media Marketing -How to create Facebook Ads -Facebook Ad objectives -How to create engaging audiences -How to generate sales with lowest cost -Facebook Marketing budget -Social Media Marketing on Instagram -Use of Hashtags -Instagram Ads -Remarketing Techniques

This course is designed to teach winning digital marketing(DM) skills and growth hacks for beginner to Intermediate Level, 1. As a beginner: You should enroll in this digital marketing training course, if you are willing to develop your digital marketing career from scratch within a self-paced learning environment from the top notch foreign qualified entrepreneur. This course will build your essential digital marketing skill set mandatory to advance in highly competitive digital marketing industry. 2. As a mid-career professional with intermediate skills: You should enroll in this course because in spite of working in the digital marketing industry for several years, you may have missed very basic essential concepts which can create a difference in your professional advancement and help you to achieve result driven competency levels.

-You can successfully market your brand to generate and grow sales and make it a million dollar business by applying the practical growth hacks and tips explained in this course -You can start your own digital marketing agency to offer services to the brands looking for digital marketing solutions for growth -You can build your career as a digital marketing freelancer through different freelancing platforms like fiverr, upwork, freelancer.com etc

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15+ enrolled on this course